The AWG Rider 2000 Series gives top class AWG functionalities like the advanced sequencer, wide memory and the digital outputs in a compact and cost-effective instrument.

It provides 2 or 4 analog channels and integrates three operating modes in the same instrument: Arbitrary Function Generator (AFG), Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) and Digital Pattern Generator (DPG).

Best Analog Performance

  • 12Vpp into 50Ω
  • 2 or 4 Analog Channels
  • 16 bit Resolution and 180MHz Bandwidth

Designed for Touch UI

Two extremely powerful and intuitive User Interfaces designed for the 7" touchscreen provide advanced AFG and AWG functionalities. Designer can create complex waveform and real scenarios with the advanced sequencer as well as standard waveforms and modulations with just few screen touches.

Analog + Digital Mixed Mode

With up to 4 analog channels and 8 digital channels it is possible to generate full featured mixed signal stimuli to cover the most demanding testing needs.


Models Analog Channels Digital Channels Max. Sample Rate Analog Bandwidth Max. Record Length Vertical Resolution Max. Output Resolution Max. Output Voltage
AWG2182 2 8 600 Ms/s - 1.2 Gs/s (interleaved) 160MHz 256MS/Ch 16 bit 180MHz 12Vpp
AWG2184 4 600 Ms/s - 1.2 Gs/s (interleaved) 160MHz 256MS/Ch 16 bit 180MHz 12Vpp
  • 2 or 4 Analog Channels
  • 16 bit Vertical Resolution
  • 600MS/s (variable clock) or 1.2GS/s (with x2 interpolation)
  • Minimum Edge Time ≤ 2.2ns
  • Up to 24Vpp Output Range
  • 256Mpts per channel
  • 8 Digital Channels synchronous with Analog Generation
  • Three Operating Modes: AFG, AWG and DPG


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