Gamma Probes for sentinel node biopsies

The C-Trak Gamma Probe System range by Care Wise, exclusively manufactured and sold by Southern Scientific, is used for accurate radiation detection during sentinel node biopsies in breast, melanoma and other types of cancer.

Diagnostic Iodine seeds for tumour localisation

The C-Trak Galaxy Probe System can be used with the Advantage™ I-125 diagnostic seeds; pre-loaded iodine seeds that are used for tumour localisation for breast cancer patients. Southern Scientific is the exclusive UK distributor for the pre-loaded seeds, supplying transport and disposal of seeds in an efficient way.

Care Wise Medical Products 

Historically Southern Scientific has always been at the forefront of Gamma Probe system technology for sentinel node biopsies, right from when Care Wise introduced the systems to the market acting as the exclusive European distributor. In 2015, Southern Scientific acquired the Care Wise brand and are developing a new Bluetooth system the C-Trak Apollo.  

C-Trak and Advantage™ I-125 diagnostic seeds enquiries

To request a free demonstration or to enquire further about the C-Trak Gamma Probe System Range please contact us.