These phantoms are made with human bone equivalent material cast inside a urethanematerial and it has the same effective atomic number as the body's soft tissue.

The mould material for these phantoms is virtually indestructible.

  • Anthropomorphic Body sections with applications throughout the field of Radiography.
  • Ideal substitute for real patients for training/teaching applications.
  • Realistic duplicated human tissue and architecture.
  • A selection of body parts all with the same anatomic and radiographic fidelity as the PIXY phantom.
Phantom Description Code
Skull Skull phantom only - internal air cavity to representthe Oral cavity, Pharync and Trachea TPL/SP/100
Head Skull and Upper Cervical Vertebrae - internal air cavityfor Oral cavity, Pharynx and Trachea TPl/SP/150
Thorax Chest, shoulder and upper 3rd of humerus.The lung's lower density is simulated TPL/SP/200
Lower Torso Lumbar Vertebrae, Pelvis and upper 3rd of Femur.A hollow cavity reproduces the interior of the Sigmoid flexure with Diverticulum and Rectum. It may be filled with contrast media TPL/SK/250
Hands Lower 3rd of Radius and Ulna with Carpal and Finger bones.Right hand relaxed, left hand pronated. TPL/XA231R TPL/XA/231L
Elbows Lower 3rd of Humerus and upper 3rd of Radius and UlnaRight elbow 90° flex, left elbow extended. TPL/XA/235RTPL/XA/235L
Knees Right knee 90° flex, left knee extended. TPL/XA/245RTPL/XA/245L
Feet Lower 3rd of Tibia and Fibula with bones of the Foot.Right foot plantar flex, left foot relaxed TPL/XA/241RTPL/XA/241L


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