RTI CT Ion Chamber 30cm

The CT Ion Chamber 30 cm is a cylindrical pencil-shaped ionization chamber specially developed for free-in-air measurements on wide-beam CT scanners. It is intended for CTDI measurement when the beam width is 4 cm or wider.

The Chamber can be connected via RTI Chamber Adapter to the Piranha or Cobia to measure CTDI.

It fulfils relevant parts of IEC 61223-2-6, and IEC 60601-2-44.

RTI CT Ion Chamber 30cm specifications 

Ranges with Piranha & Cobia Flex (Chamber Adapter required)
Air kerma rate 0.3 mGycm/s to 3 Gycm/s
Inaccuracy ±5 % or ±0.03 mGycm/s
Connector type LEMO triaxial
Cable 2 m, low noise triaxial
Active volume 16 cm³
Active length 300 mm
Diameter 12 mm, 12.6 incl O-rings
Typical leakage ±20 fA
Radiation quality 70 - 150 kV
Sensitivity 30 mGycm/nC
Energy dependence
±1 %


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