Low dose rate probe for photon radiation (gamma and X-rays), powered by the 6150AD5/6

Analog range: 0.1µSv/h - 10 mSv/h

Digital range: 0.01µSv/h - 9.99 mSv/h

Energy range: 65 keV - 1.3 MeV

  • Automatic recognition of probe by 6150AD 5/6 Rate Meter
  • Robust waterproof aluminium housing
  • Up to 100m connection cable
  • Measures dose rates up to 10 Sv/h
  • H*10 ambient dose equivalent

Southern Scientific also supplies a High Dose Rate Probe for use with the 6150AD 5/6.

Detector GM tube ZP1200 effective length 40 mm, sensitivity approx. 5800 pulses per µSv
User programmable      alarms thresholds One freely programmable threshold for each dose and dose rate (with smart models 6150AD5/6 only)
Temperature range -30°C to +50°C, deciation max. ±10% referred to indication at +20°C
Humidity Nominal range 60 to 130 kPa (600 to 1300 mbar)
Power Supply 4.75 V out of 6150ADBattery life approx. 1500 hours at low dose rates with the 6150AD's illumination off
Housing Black anodised aluminium, waterproofProtection class IP67 according to DIN 40050
Dimensions 26 (diameter) x 149 (length) mm
Weight Approx. 110 g



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