The PET scatter phantom is an acceptance testing tool used to determine the imaging systems relative sensitivity to scatter radiation. It can be used to measure the effects of dead-time and the effects of random events generated at different levels of activity of the line source.

The test phantom is a right circular cylinder composed of polyethylene. For ease of handling, it consists of 3 segments that are assembled together during testing. A hole is drilled parallel to the central axis of the cylinder, at a radial distance of 45 mm.

  • Complies with:
    • NEMA Standard (NU 2-2007)
    • NEMA 2012 Standard
  • CE certified
  • The manual provides detailed guidelines for carrying out each test, results assessment and registration
  • Cylinder
    • outside diameter: 203 mm
    • length: 700 mm
    • hole diameter: 6.4 mm
    • hole offset from the central axis: 45 mm
  • Line source
    • outside diameter: 4.8 mm
    • length: 800 mm
    • inside diameter: 3.2 mm
  • Carrying case


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