For diagnostic confidence and clinical reliability, the Syngula is the camera of choice; versatile for high quality static, dynamic and gated studies on sitting and lying patients with minimum space requirements.

  • Electronic detector provides the ultimate in automatic PMT gain stabilisation; this improves long term stability and spatial linearity with automatic energy and linearity correction.
  • New 3/8" NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal (thallium-activated sodium iodide).
  • Wide selection of collimators are available and shielding for isotopes and energies up to 400 keV.
  • User friendly, intuitive software applications for all needs and requirements including connectivity via DICOM.
Detector 37 PMT's
Crystal 3/8" NaI(Tl)
FOV 38.7 cm (15.2")
Energy Range Up to 400 keV


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