The FIDELIS is a next generation radionuclide calibrator with unsurpassed accuracy and traceability, and enables rapid, demonstrable compliance with NPL good practice guidance on the assay of radiopharmaceuticals.

The instrument uses our own high resolution, high linearity ‘PAM Electrometer Module,' in conjunction with an ionisation chamber designed at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The friendly user interface makes it well suited for use as a reference instrument - to assay samples for calibrating other radionuclide calibrators, thus saving money on calibrators and reference sources.The FIDELIS fully certified Secondary Standard ionisation chamber is an identical version of the national standard chamber held at NPL. Each chamber is tested against the master chamber using a range of radionuclides before delivery. The flexible software makes it very easy to update calibration factors for the instrument using data published by NPL.

  • Secondary Standard Radionuclide calibrator with full traceability to the UK national standards maintained by NPL.
  • Comprehensive Windows® software included (XP and Windows 7 compatible), providing a simple to use, unparalleled set of measurement tools.
  • Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of The Measurement Good Practice Guide No.93: Protocol for Establishing and Maintaining the Calibration of Medical Radionuclide Calibrators and their quality control (Available from NPL).
  • Provided with a well liner and removable sample holder for the assay of vial and ampoules.
  • Supplied calibrated for more than 60 radionuclides (with the option to add user defined factors, and holders).
  • Future proof - Calibration factors for new types of vial or new isotopes can be added using published data. Calibration data stored in chamber.
  • Fully automatic self testing and daily checks.
  • Compatible with nuclear medicine management systems (export to MS Excel etc).
  • USB interface for easy connection to a PC.
  • Available with either a laptop or desktop PC and optional printers.
  • Upgrades available for older systems.


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