Mediclic tungsten syringe shields

Mediclic syringe shields (lead glass and tungsten shielding) are designed for easy and quick insertion and withdrawal of the syringe.

Available in low, medium and high energy versions. 

With one click, the syringe is safe and ready for handling. The Mediclic syringe shield range can be fully dismantled and decontaminated. The structure and design of the syringe shields are also very resistant to shock damage.

Large lead glass windows include a zoom effect that are offering a very comfortable use.

The Mediclic range provides numerous options of syringe shields, providing compatibility with all syringes of the market.

Mediclic syringe shield range features

Radiation protection: 2 mm tungsten / 6 mm lead glass

  • Compatibility: with all syringes on the market.
  • Simplicity: can be completely disassembled by the operator for decontamination or to change the glass.
  • Ergonomics: Lead glass window with zoom effect and white lining for optimum viewing.
  • Rapidity: quick and easy syringe insertion/ withdrawal system (1 click).

Mediclic high energy syringe shields

The Mediclic high energy syringe shields are available in 5mm Tungsten and 9mm lead glass.



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