Spectroscopic area monitor for continuous air measurement

The SpectroTRACER spectroscopic area monitor is a continuous measurement system for spectroscopy in air from very low gamma contamination (for water, use the: SpectroTRACER-AQUA).

The device performs a spectroscopic analysis of the measurement to identify the radionuclides detected. SpectroTRACER is used for radiation monitoring when a standard gamma dose rate monitor is not efficient enough, and when it is necessary to qualify the nature of the gamma radiation in an area.

The compact design includes: Detector – HV – Prea – MCA – lowPowerPC – LAN interface – GPS/GPRS/Skylink/Satellite (optional).

The instrument is designed for operation in harsh conditions with very low maintenance.

The low power consumption (2,5 W) enables the use in stationary or mobile applications including battery back-up or solar supply.

The options for data transmission include LAN, WIFI, GPRS/3G, Satellite or proprietary ShortLINK/SkyLINK radio. The latter for transmission of major nuclides only.

SpectroTRACER spectroscopic area monitor probe specifications:

  • Available with a Nal or a LaBr3 Brillance detector
  • A typical resolution of 3% at 662 keV
  • A real-time activity detection and identification even at a very low level
  • An excellent stability against temperature variations
  • Able to discriminate between artificial isotopes and natural background radiation

We supply a radiation area monitors for military purposes, homeland security, law enforcement, and environmental applications; the SpectroTRACER spectroscopic area monitor is part of the Saphymo's Environmental Radiation Monitoring product range.

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Spectroscopic area monitor probe specifications:

Measured radiation X and γ
LaBr3 Brillance 1,5”x1,5” or 1"x1" - NaI 3"x3" or 2”x2” - GM tube option
Energy range
From 30 keV to 2 MeV (option 3 MeV) with 8192 channels
Dose rate measuring range
up to 1 mSv/h (10 nSv/h - 1 Sv/h with GM option)
Temperature range
From -20°C to +50°C ( - 30°C + 60 ° C option)
remote network (SkyLink ou ShortLink radio, WIFI, GPRS, GSM, Satellite) or wired (ISDN, ADSL, LAN, serial)
Mobile use
car, boat, helicopter or airplane
GPS functions
DataExpert-assisted mapping


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