The Environmental Radiation Monitor is an environmental surveillance system composed of several stations (Mobil Station or MS) operating as standalone units transmitting their data via radio to a central collecting station (Base Station or BS).


Each MS is equipped with a GM tube measuring the radiation levels in the environment, recording the results in their internal memory. The BS can retrieve the readings interrogating each MS through the bidirectional wireless link.

Spectroscopic stations are available upon request.

Measuring stations

Each measuring station features two GM tubes, one dedicated to low dose rates in the range of 0.2 uGy/h - 3 mGy/h and another for high dose rates. The high dose rate GM tube is used to generate an alarm condition due to excessive radiation levels and not for an accurate measurement.

Each MS has an embedded GPS to easily locate the alarm and generate a dose rate map. Additionally, the unit can be equipped with a meteorological pod to sense temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.


The BS/MS communication is made through a radio link in the 400 MHz bands (another frequency available upon request). The standard power supply is 1 W in the uplink (MS to BS) and downlink (BS to MS). The communication range depends heavily on the antenna placement and local propagation conditions but it can be extended easily to several kilometres. The systems use a bidirectional digital protocol that allows the addition of services such as encryption, etc. The BS is equipped with a PC running the user software that allows communication and management of each MS separately. The user can configure several parameters and alarms, perform real-time interrogation, or browse each unit 

Power supply

Each MS is powered from mains, an internal battery allows 48 hours of operation during mains disconnection. Additionally, the unit can be powered from a photovoltaic panel that recharges the internal battery, allowing continuous operation as a fully standalone unit.



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