The MiniTRACE CSDF is a multipurpose instrument fulfilling functions of a contamination, survey and dose rate meter. It is designed for improved detection and quantifying of radiation contamination and it is a front line tool in the protection against uncontrolled distribution of radioactive material.

Due to it's ease of operation, minimal professional knowledge is required for detecting radiation, making it an ideal instrument for police, fire brigades, first responders, health officers and radiation protection inspectors.

MiniTRACE CSDF provides several functions and measurement modes like the measurement of the dose rate, the activity or the count rate. With the activity and surface contamination modes, different nuclides can be selected from the inbuilt library (Cs137, Am241, I131, Sr90, U238, C14, Cl36, Co60). Moreover one additional nuclide can be defined and added to the library by the user. The surface contamination mode is calibrated according to ISO 7503-1. With corresponding accessories wipe tests (surface contamination) and food tests (food contamination) can be performed. For increased precision a mean value mode and a count up mode are provided.

  • Radiation control areas e.g. in nuclear power plants or reprocessing plants
  • Research centers, Industrial X-ray applications
  • Hospitals, police, fire brigades, first responders, radiation protection inspector
  • Schools, universities, educational purposes
  • Search for depleted and enriched uranium, radioactive material in building- or raw materials, scrap, minerals etc.
  • Determination of the gamma background e.g. with radon measurement
  • Surface contamination, food control, dose rate measurement


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