Improved radiation protection with the new PED2

3rd May 2023

Tracerco’s™ next generation of personal electronic dosimeters are robust and reliable field instruments for the defence and nuclear industries

Tracerco™ has released the new PED2 personal electronic dosimeter for the monitoring of radiation exposure and dose rate. With a design informed by over a decade of user experience with the original model, PED2 is a robust and reliable field instrument for emergency and security services, border control, the armed forces, and nuclear power plants and decommissioning.

PED2 features a new high-resolution TFT transflective display that allows it to be clearly read in all lighting conditions from bright sunlight, which reduces power consumption, to extreme darkness with equal visibility. The PED2’s screen has clear and simple radiation readings, with green, amber, red, and crimson color bars. The screen can be flipped 180° allowing the user to wear the device hands-free and still take readings.

A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) includes simplified menus and single-button navigation for effortless operation by the user, even when operating in challenging conditions. A large color display delivers critical information clearly and precisely, while audible, visual, textual, and haptic alarms will alert the user to changes in exposure and dose rate despite possible obstructions to sight, sound, and touch caused by PPE being worn.

Enhanced measurement performance delivers greater sensitivity and accuracy for both high and low dose rates, with changes in radiation exposure, dose rate, and accumulated dose displayed in real-time. All data is automatically stored on the PED2 for after-action analysis and review.

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Tracerco™ have developed four models with the PED2-IS intrinsically safe version being the first to be released.

  • PED2 is a flexible solution for general radiation protection applications.
  • PED2+ is both a radiation dosimeter and dose rate survey meter with enhanced features including Bluetooth and GPS.
  • PED-IS is an intrinsically safe device for use in potentially explosive or flammable environments.
  • PED-IS+ is an intrinsically safe device with enhanced features such as Bluetooth and GPS.

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