CT Dose Profiler takes CT Quality Assurance to the next level

5th October 2011

With its one-shot method, using just one helical scan, the CT Dose Profiler measures CTDI, CTDI100, CTDIw, CTDIvol, DLP, point doses, and other parameters, whilst giving a visible view of the dose profile within seconds and with no limitation of beam width.

Geometric efficiency, the percentage of the total integral of the dose profile inside the used detector range, is also measured automatically and simultaneously when doing a measurement free-in-air. The CT Dose Profiler is time efficient, giving instant results, and can be used an infinite number of times. It is automatically supplied with its own software, is available with either the Piranha or Barracuda, and can be supplied as an add-on to existing customers.

The CT Dose Profiler is manufactured by RTI and supplied in the UK exclusively by Southern Scientific. For more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.