The Cobia DENTAL is a simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from Dental Intraoral X-ray tube is correct.

Since the Cobia is easy to position and does not require any complicated settings, anyone who works in the dental clinic can quickly and easily perform the routine inspection of the intraoral X-ray equipment.

Check and Go

The Cobia Dental is especially suitable for acceptance test, constancy test, and routine quality control of Intraoral X-rays. The basic need for a dental clinics calibration check of kV and exposure time is covered with the standard kV model of Cobia Dental. With a small addition to price, dose and HVL measuring will also be included.

Ease of Use

Cobia Dental is designed for “ease of use” which is accomplished through easy positioning and possibilities to choose your preferred language together with a powerful and clear color display. The screen is rotatable and is easy to read from a distance, and your 100 latest measurements will always be automatically saved.

For Everyone

When we created the Cobia Dental, our goal was to develop a straightforward instrument that anyone can use. RTI has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of X-ray detectors, and Cobia Dental is a direct implementation of our high-tech knowledge coupled with what we have learned in the field.

Rotatable Color Display

Cobia Dental has a clear and rotatable color display, so you can read off measurement results fast and easily – even from a distance. The innovative display even shows the results right way up in measurement situations where the instrument needs to be positioned upside down.

Only Pay for What You Need

There are three versions of Cobia Dental for measuring a range of different parameters. Select the model that suits your needs, and only pay for what you want to measure. Intraoral kV, Intraoral Dose, or Intraoral kV & Dose.

Cobia Range:

  • No positional dependence.
  • Large rotatable display.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Log/history function.
  • Measures pulsed radiation.
  • Full auto range (kV, TF and Sensitivity).
  • Solid-state detectors, no need to compensate for temperature and pressure.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • 2-year calibration cycle.
  • Built-in energy compensation.
  • Free firmware upgrades via internet or CD.

Cobia Dental:

  • Connects with external probes and ion chambers.
  • Built-in mAs (optional).
  • Plug and play.
  • Bluetooth communication.
  • Connection to Ocean Software.
  • Dose rate range: 2.5 μGy/s - 175 mGy/s
Weight Approx 290 g
Size 138 x 76 x 27 mm³
Power source Internal battery
Battery life 10 – 20 hours
Display Color, 320 x 240 pixel
Min. exp. time 0.1 ms
Auto-Compensation 1.5 – 45 mm Al Total Filtr. equiv.
Sensitivity 0.2 mA @ 50 kV, 50 cm, no added filtration
Parameter Range Inaccaracy
Tube volt. 45 – 105 kVp ±2 %
Time 0 ms – 2000 s ±1 % or ±0.33 ms
Dose 400 nGy–1000 Gy ±5 %
  50 μR – 100 kR ±5 %
Dose rate   10 µGy/s – 100 mGy/s, ±5 % or ±200 nGy/s
1.1 mR/s – 11 R/s, ±5 % or ±2 μR/s
66 mR/min – 700 R/min, ±5 % or ±0.1 mR/min
HVL  1.2 – 14 mm Al
±10 % or ±0.2 mm
Cobia Dental Intraoral kV Dose kV & Dose
Time Yes Yes Yes
kV Yes No Yes
Dose No Yes Yes
Dose Rate No Yes Yes
HVL No No Yes
Pulses Yes Yes Yes
Pulse Rate No No Yes
Dose/Pulse No Yes Yes
Eff. Time No No Yes



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