Serstech Arx+ is a revolutionising instrument, introducing SharpEyeTM – a patented autofocus technology for handheld Raman instruments. Serstech Arx+ will make it easier to identify and verify substances.

Serstech Arx+ is packed with new features, simplifying the workflow when verifying substances at incoming inspection. Serstech introduces SharpEyeTM, a patented and market unique autofocus technology made for handheld Raman spectrometers. Serstech SharpEyeTM automatically finds the optimal spot to measure. Together with new powerful algorithms, Serstech Arx+ finds precise results for single substances and for complex mixes.

Serstech Arx+ comes with a built-in barcode reader which makes it possible to tie a measurement to a container by scanning barcodes or QR codes.

The brand new graphical user interface is easy to navigate and new features such as Guided ScanTM and Quick ScanTM makes it possible to get results, faster. The results are presented in a simple way, making it easy to interpret and take decisions. Serstech Arx+ is lighter and smaller compared to previous Serstech models and yet - even more powerful. The device can be brought to wherever it is needed and all measurements can be synced with ChemDash software, over Wi-Fi, in real time. Serstech Arx+ focuses on what is important.

  • Autofocus - SharpEyeTM
  • New user interface.
  • Barcode reader.
  • Wi-Fi
  • CFR compliant.
  • No consumables, no maintenance cost.


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