The SPIR-Pack is a backpack device which provides discrete search and identification of radiological and nuclear materials.

It is also a powerful tool for mapping of contaminated areas that may be difficult to access by vehicle. The SPIR-Pack is based on the “detection by identification” concept, which limits alarms to cases of real threats only while filtering out any false alarms generated by background variation or anomalies such as medical isotopes. It is a high performing system for heavily shielded and complex masking scenarios seen in radiological security endeavors.

  • Human portable radiation detection system.
  • Real-time mapping.
  • Hand-free operation.
  • Discrete monitoring in densely populated areas or crowds during events.
  • Instant identification of complex scenarios of masking and/or shielding.
  • Direct confirmation of the detection and the nature of the threat.
  • Expert or simplified mode.
  • Information transfer to Smartphone or Tablet PC.
  • Remote supervision with SpirVIEW MOBILE or any other installed supervision system.


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