Ecoscint™ Ultra

The best performing cocktail on the market forlarge and small aqueous samples.

Enables ultra-low level counts to be discriminated from background not only for large but also for small samples. With large samples, Ecoscint™ Ultra delivers up to 30% 3H counting efficiency at maximum sample hold with very low background levels. With small samples Ecoscint™ Ultra yields 3H efficiency greater than 60%

10 m Ecoscint™ Ultra holds 12 ml H²O in a clear emulsion at 18°C. 10 ml Ecoscint™ Ultra holds 10 ml 0.5 m NaCI at that temperature.

  • Ideal cocktail for environmental testing
  • Ultra-high sample hold
  • Low toxicity

Ecoscint A

The ideal universal scintillation cocktail, maintaining its high sample hold capacity for a broad range of solution types, deliverying high efficiency counting for many different types of samples.

Displays excellent sample holding capability while still delivering high efficiency, easily accommodating up to 40% sample while maintaining a single liquid phase. Furthermore Ecoscint A has exceptional resistance to photoluminescence and chemiluminescence is readily biodegradable, with a mean DOC elimination of >70% at 10 days. The high flash point, low odor and low toxicity of this cocktail make it perfect for benchtop work, not necessary to use or store under a fume hood.

  • High efficiency with high sample holding
  • Biodegradable, reduced toxicity solvent
  • High flash point (>150°c)

Ecoscint XR

Able to count large aqueous samples, non-aqueous samples and practically everything in between.

10ml of Ecoscint XR can hold up to 10ml of most common aqueous samples, easily accepting high pH, low pH, or high salt samples. Ecoscint XR mixes rapidly to produce a homogeneous, clear emulsion. Unlike many fluids, Ecoscint XR does not sacrifice performance to achieve robust sample hold. Ecoscint XR produces counting efficiencies of up to 555³H and 90% ¹?C with small volume samples.

  • Ultra-high sample holding (1:1 cocktail to sample)
  • Excellent counting efficiency
  • High flash point


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