The BAB-A7 mobile aerosol beacon is used in nuclear facilities for acontinuous control of atmospheric air contamination by dust exposed to natural Radon and Thoron radioactivity and ambient gamma radiation.

It is specially designed for work station monitoring during maintenance operations or in dismantling work sites, where man-made noise immunity is highly recommended.

It includes a recording function for a better measurement traceability, and a local graphic display of volume activities.

For external irradiation radiological monitoring, an ambient gamma dose rate measurement deported probe (optional) can be coupled to the beacon.

Radiation Type α and β
Detector Type Double Si diode
Energy Range 80 keV to 10MeV
β Measuring Range From 10-2 to 10+5 Bq/m3
α measuring range From 10-3 to 10+5 Bq/m3
Compensation Automatic ambient gamma background compensation
Alarms Sound and light signals
Display Large dimension LCD screen
Memorisation 92 hours for graphs and 21 days for measurements
Communication RS485, RJ45
Compliance withCEM norms Level 3
Variant Internal shielding for high gamma background
Options External gamma probe


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