RTI Scatter Probe

The RTI Scatter Probe is a rugged, flat, solid-state detector for leakage and scatter detector in X-ray environments. The Scatter Probe has a unique design comprising of two separate detector areas of 10 and 100 cm², fulfilling regulations and standards for X-ray leakage and scatter measurements. 

Ocean Next™ software

The RTI Scatter Probe connects to RTI's Ocean Next™ software easily via USB for reading and reporting. 

Industry standards for barrier, leakage, and scatter measurements

  • 21 CFR 1020.32
  • 21 CFR 1020.30
  • IEC 60601-2-3
  • IEC 60601-2-54
  • IEC 60601-1-3

The RTI Scatter Probe ensures full compliance with all the above industry standards as the measurement has to be made covering an area of 10 or 100 cm² at a certain distance. 

It does not matter if your scatter and leakage application requires measurements at a short distance, long-distance, in a fixed position, or sweep, with a click you can select the 10 or 100 cm² area for your measurement.

Easy positioning

The RTI Scatter can be used with the included tripod, on a table, or by hand. The anti-slip surface allows safe positioning facing upwards without sliding. With the standard camera tripod thread, the probe can be mounted to any tripod or jig!

RTI Scatter Probe Specifications 

Connector type USB Type C
Cable  5 m, USB A to C
Extendable with optional USB
active extension cable
Power 5 V via USB
Active area 10 cm² and 100 cm²
Dimensions 139 x 139 x 17 mm
Weight 370 g (430 g incl. handle)
Rated range of use 10 - 150 keV
80 - 110 kPa
+10 - +40 °c
10 - 80 % rel. humidity


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