This vehicle system is capable of detecting and identifying a wide range of radioactive material from a vehicle while traveling or parked.

Large detectors and patented algorithms allow the operator to pinpoint a building storing radioactive material while driving past or, in stationary mode, pick out a passing vehicle transporting radioactive material.The system identifies a wide variety of radionuclides and materials, classifying the source as either, SNM, NORM, medical or industrial.Each panel or case is connected to an Ethernet switch which in turn is connected directly to a ruggedised laptop PC. The remote access option allows the operator to monitor the system without having to remain continuously in or near the vehicle in which the system is in. Equipping a vehicle with the Mobile Guardian takes just a few minutes and removal is just as quick allowing the user full flexibility of vehicle use.


  • Transportable radiation detection
  • Gamma and neutron sensitivity
  • User friendly interface
  • Dual mode: mobile or stationary
  • Nuclide Identification
  • Norm discrimination
  • GPS enabled
  • Extremely low false alarm rates
  • Database of alarm events
  • Windows based software
  • Optional 8 hour battery back-up
  • Optional remote access


  • Weight <40 kg
  • Standard external dimensions: 74 x 38 x 23 cm. Can be fitted in any sturdy casing of similar dimensions. For neutron and gamma detection, two may be required.
  • Power: 12-24 V DC
  • Communication: Ethernet or wireless
  • GPS: Approx 3 m accuracy or automatic road alignmen


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