BioCapture was designed for first responders working in unfamiliar, challenging and dangerous environments.

Emergency situations are no place for chemistry set-ups and delicate instrumentation. BioCapture has cutting edge air sampling technology packed in a rugged, lightweight package. Large single button operation means responders can quickly execute the sampling mission and proceed to other objectives.

BioCapture collects micron and submicron airborne particles and soluble vapors onto a pre-assembled, disposable cartridge. With rotating impactor, fluid chamber, fluid lines and sample vial pre-assembled in one disposable cartridge, the system is deployment ready when you are. When the operation is complete, simply replace the cartridge and you are ready for your next mission. There are no internal lines to decontaminate, no sand or dirt to clean out of moveable parts and corners. Simplify your biosampling preparedness program with BioCapture. 

Whether the user is in a hot zone dressed in Level A or MOPP-IV gear, or performing intermittent air sampling in a mail room, operating BioCapture is effortless and extremely cost effective. It is battery operated for use in both indoor and outdoor tactical response missions. BioCapture provides the user with an effective and easy-to-use instrument for fast, safe and efficient biological agent collection.

  • Single button operation in hot-zone
  • Deployment ready for emergency use
  • Laboratory effectiveness in a rugged 7.5 lb package
  • Collects anthrax, Plague and other bio-terrorism diseases
  • 100% decontamination ability
  • Highly operable in sand, dust and inclement environments
  • Flexible sampling times
  • Disposable collector cartridge prevents cross contamination
  • Easy to operate by user in fully dressed Level A or MOPP-IV gear

Sampling Flow Rate

200 litres per minute

Particle Size Collection

0.5 to 10 microns

Liquid Sample Volume

2 to 5 ml

Sampling Times

5, 15, 30 and 60 mins

Power Supply

Lithium Ion Battery


12 V DC, 26 watts

Operating Angle

0° to 20° (horizontal)

Operating Temperature

+2°C to +43°C

Storage Temperature

-46° to +60°C

Operating Humidity

5% to 95% non-condensing

Operating Altitude

Up to 15,000 ft


Water-tight; 1.8" per hour in 20 mph wind for 30 minutes


3.4kg (7.5 lbs) (with battery and cartridge)


133 x 152 x 370 mm / 5.25" x 6" x 14.5"



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