Ocean is RTI’s versatile software for X-ray Quality Assurance

By using Ocean you will speed up your total working process and minimize your time in the X-ray room.

Key Features include:

  • User friendly and simple to set up.
  • All previous measurements can be viewed.
  • Create checklists.
  • Add information as a pop-up window for a specific exposure.
  • Quick check mode allows you to instantly see values of your parameters on screen along with their wave forms.
  • Use templates as they are or adapt to fulfil exact requirements.
  • Embed Excel spreadsheets.


  • Immediate display.
  • Data can be transferred to Excel.

Fully Customizable Interface

  • Edit templates with new columns, rows or analysis.
  • Save main templates as ‘favorites’ and store data for later review.
  • Include your own calculations based on measured data.
  • Incorporate hints and tips as word documents or pictures.

Reporting Functionality

  • Instantly produce fully customizable reports.
  • Add own acceptance limits and analysis.
  • Click one button for a full report.

Increase Functionality

  • Create standardized measurements for entire rooms or specific equipment.
  • Share set-ups with other users.
  • Send global reports.


  • 2 versions available: Connect, Professional.
  • License held within devices so Ocean can be downloaded onto multiple PC’s.

Which Ocean version suits you the best?

  Display   Connect   Professional
Get started quickly
Perform simple and accurate
Obtain precise and reliable results
Print out customized reports
Working with a flexible layout
Store your measurement set-up as a favorite which isdisplayed when you start Ocean next time
Be able to export measurements to Excel®or Open Office  
Possibility to re-measure previously stores measurements  
Add columns with Set Values (for automatic adjustments of the kV range)  
Get an easy overview of the entire organization    
Create QA not just for the X-ray machine but for the entire X-ray room    
Apply different analysis to measured data in a very flexible fashion    
Add calculations which use the measured data as input    

Ocean Central

Ocean Central makes it possible to tie all Ocean users together via network and internet. With Ocean Central you can save all measured data in one place and easily distribute templates and ‘to do’ list function.

Ocean Connect

Ocean Connect uses our new Quick Check mode which helps you to start measuring within seconds.

When using Quick Check, Ocean detects what instrument and what detectors you have connected and adjusts the layout of the screen to assist you the best way possible. All the measured parameters are displayed on one screen, and these results and waveforms can be retained in the database for later review.

You can also export your measurements to MS Excel® in a number of different ways. This gives you the advantage of utilizing existing spreadsheets and forms.

If you don’t need further processing of the measurements, you can print out a report directly from Ocean. The layout of the report can be easily customized.

Ocean Connect also gives you the opportunity to measure with CT Dose Profiler..

Ocean Professional

Ocean Professional gives you all the features of Ocean Connect plus so much more. Ocean Professional is Quality Assurance for the entire room and organization. Plan – measure – analyze!

Ocean Professional transforms Ocean into a powerful tool, providing the creation of specified reports, helpful graphs, and detailed analysis of X-ray measurements. It allows you to create your test templates just like you want them. Make checklists for each room or tube.

Customize the layout of Ocean and apply a large number of ready-made analyzes to your measurements. Mark the most frequently used templates as ‘favorites’ and they will pop up during start-up. There are a number of different ways to make trend analyzes on your measurements and it is easy to see the history of a specific measurement.

You fully control your ‘work environment,’ while Ocean controls your RTI meter.



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