The most sensitive non-invasive mA/mAs probe

The MAS-3 is the most sensitive non-invasive mA/mAs probe from RTI Electronics. It is an ideal choice for occasions where an invasive device cannot be used. It covers the whole mA/mAs range without compromising on accuracy - and it's easy to use.

Used with either the Piranha or Barracuda, the MAS-3 provides a non-invasive way to measure mA and mAs even on the lowest mA stations for a fluoroscopy X-ray system. Together with the measured values, the mA waveform is sampled and can be analyzed directly via the Palm QABrowser or with the RTI PC Ocean software. The compact design with built in rechargeable batteries makes MAS-3 easy to use. The probe is ready for measurements by the threading the high voltage cable through the probe and simply connecting the MAS-3 to the Piranha or Barracuda.

The product is supplied with calibration certificate from our accredited (ISO 17025) cal lab. It provides third-party assurance that RTI has the quality management system to ensure all of their calibrations are consistently of the highest quality.

MAS-3 Probe with Piranha

The MAS-3 Probe supports the Piranha ADI (Automatic Detector Identification) system. When connected, the Piranha automatically identifies the probe and makes all necessary adjustments without any need for interaction from the user. The Piranha ADI system also gives full interchangeability of probes between different Piranha systems using the same type of probes.

Parameters mA, mAs, mA waveforms. Exposure time, mAs per frame, number of frames, mA per frame.
Measuring method Non-invasive
mAs range 0.001-9999 mAs
mA range 0.1 mA-2000 mA
Sensitivity 4 nA/mA
Size 200 x 112 x 51 mm, 7.87" x 4.4" x 2.0"
Weight 600 g
Maximum cable diameter 82 mm
Cable length Barracuda 8 m, 2 m, 26.4 ft, 6.56 ft
Cable length Piranha 4 m, 13.2 ft
Extension cable Optional 8 m extension cable available
Inaccuracy 1 % or ±0.02 mA
Power source Built-in rechargeable battery, or external power supply.
Battery life 3 hours
Connector for Piranha Hirose
Connector for Barracuda LEMO triax (electrometer module required)



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