Ion Chamber Friendly

The RTI Chamber Adapter provides the Piranha with bias voltage, making ion chamber usage possible. The Chamber Adapter works with all RTI ion chambers and also a variety of existing diagnostic chambers, via RTI supplied adapter cables. The adapter cables provide customers with the convenience of using their existing chambers and not having to purchase additional product.The RTI Chamber adapter can be added to any Piranha with anelectrometer input and dose option.

  • Supported by both Ocean and QA Browser.
  • Supports most ion chambers with tri-axial cablesallowing potential to use existing chambers.
Current range 1.0 pA to 0.1 µA, ± 2% to ± 0.2 pA
Bias voltage output + 300 V, DC
Connector to ion chamber Lemo tri-axial connector
Power source Rechargeable battery, 10 hours
Dimensions 120 x 60 x 35 mm



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