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With the Captus® 700t Thyroid Uptake System, performing thyroid uptake measurements has never been easier with the new color touch screen interface.

The software program provides fast, dedicated modules for Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Tests, Bio-Assay, Schilling Test, Blood Volume, and RBC Survival. QA is fully automated for calibration, Constancy, Chi Square, MDA and resolution functions are all easy to perform. System calibration is simple and automatic on the Captus® 700 with the use of 137Cs. 152Eu can be used for enhanced point to point spectral energy calibration.

The Multi-Channel Analyzer is very user friendly. ROI's can be selected from a convenient menu of isotopes with pre-defined regions, or, the user can manually define them. Results are reported with full spectrum counts and counts by region of interest. All results can be saved on the instrument.

In this module, multiple TU protocols can be established utilizing 123I, 131I or 99mTc. The protocols can use a standard capsule method or allow the system to perform an automatic decay correction to the administered dose. The system will store detailed patient demographics, physician data and administered dose data. There is no limit to the number of uptakes that can be performed, and the results will be reported with detailed count information and automatic percentage uptake calculations.


  • Quality Assurance Section includes zero adjust, automatic gain adjust, calibrator detector resolution, chi-square, constancy, MDA, automatic efficiency calculation and storage

  • Thyroid Uptake Section allows entry of patient demographics and procedure protocol. The standard may be measured at each uptake or automatically decay-corrected by the software. The number of uptakes performed on patients is user-defined with the software calculating each uptake and storing that information on the instrument or printing it out in report form
  • Wipe Testing is state-of-the-art and with a simple menu-driven format. The system will perform a peak search on each wipe identifying any contamination by peak and by nuclide. The user decides how many wipe locations are entered; there are no location limits. Trigger levels may be selected on a user-specified limit set to flag wipes above a specific activity level. Wipes may be grouped by location type
  • The Blood Volume section offers both I-125 and Cr-51 methods with step-by-step guidance through the counting procedure and automatic calculation of the results
  • Red Blood Cell Survival is an added feature
  • Bioassay for Staff allows counting of personnel with only one neck count. Staff records, as with other test results, are maintained and archived on the instrument and/or through printed records
Display 8" VGA LCD Color Touch Screen Display
Detector 2" x 2" shielded NaI(Tl) crystal with standard or optional Pediatric/Bioassay collimator
Well Detector Drilled well 2”x2” NaI (TI)

1: Well Diameter: 1.6 cm max (5/8”) x Depth: 4 cm (1 1/2”) x Lead: 2.5 cm (1”)2: Well Diameter: 1.6 cm max (5/8”) x Depth: 4 cm (1 1/2”) x Lead: 5* cm (2”) * (Lined with brass to minimize backscatter)

Multi-channel Analyzer

512 ChannelsAutomatic self-calibration; Linearity - within 2% full scale; Differential Linearity - 2% SD; A to D conversion time - 10 microsecondsLow Energy Discrimination Level - 16 KeV, 4 Channels (whichever is greater); ROI - Automatic or Manual (ROIs can be saved)Background subtraction and mean energy calculation via curve fittingsMaximum Count Rate - 100,000 counts per second (Real Time); Linear Display - Automatic/Manual

Nuclide Data Touch Screen Menu Driven KeysOver 90 Nuclides in Memory (major gamma-ray energies and intensities, half-life)
Ultilities System SetupData Entries (Wipe Test locations, Staff Bioassay Data, Nuclear Data, etc.)Staff Bioassay Report Generation; Multichannel Analysis (MCA)
Diagnostics and Tests Full system self-diagnostics including all program and data memories; Comprehensive test programs include automatic Chi-Squared, MDA and FWHM
Printer Color InkjetPrint results of studies including color graphic displays
Stand Rugged floor stand with spring arm and shelvesHeavy duty locking castersBase designed to hold well detector
Power Standard: 115V .25A 90-127V 50-60HzOptional: 220V .125A 180-250V 50-60HZ (With circuit protections, line filter and isolation transformer)

A range of accessories are available including wipe spot pads, test tubes for wipe samples, table top stand, neck phantom, well detector, wall mount stand and drilled well crystal. Please contact a member of our sales department for more information.



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