X-ray and gamma radiation protection instrument with highly sensitive scintillation detector.

The instrument is designed for measuring minimal dose rates over a wide energy range. Measurements which were previously possible only with great difficulty can now be achieved with ease. The low energy sensitivity of the instrument is obtained by a special scintillator combination which is used in conjunction with a highly stable photomultiplier.

The fluorescent light generated in the scintillator by the incident radioactive radiation, is converted and amplified by the photomultiplier into an electrical current which is proportional to the incident radiation. This current is indicated on a measuring instrument with a 270° pointer deflection after further amplification in a highly stabilised DC amplifier. The time constant of this instrument is adjustable in several stages, precise measured values are therefore obtained even for very small dose rates.


  • High sensitivity.
  • Sensitive down to 25KeV.
  • Automatic or manual range switching.
  • Very wide dose rate measuring range.
  • Probe can be separated from main unit.
Detector Special scintillator combination
Ranges Ten linear ranges: 0-0.1, 0-0.3, 0-1, 0-3, 0-10, 0-30, 0-100, 0-300, 0-1000, 0-3000 mR/hor 0-1, 0-3, 0-10, 0-30, 0-100, 0-300 µSv/h; 0-1, 0-3, 0-10, 0-30 mSv/h full scale
Accuracy ±20%
Response Time (3 stages) 1, 4, 16 seconds
Energy Dependance <15% between 20 keV and 1.3 MeV
Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
Batteries Four D size cells, 1.5 V complying with BA-30 or IEC R-20, all batteries or accumulators of this standard size may be used
Battery Life Carbon-zinc type approx. 50 hoursAlkaline-manganese type approx. 100 hours
Dimensions 285 x 100 x 200 mm
Weight Approx. 3.6 kg


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