Easy and safe, these Krypton administration systems utilize the ENB space to save tubing, guaranteed

Krypton 81m is most efficiently delivered using a reservoir system (KNM 1983:24). This NP Krypton 81M Delivery System has been designed by Peter Childs and Neil Franklin of City Hospital, Birmingham.

In order to remove the need for any tubing support such as a drip stand, the reservoir has been reduced to the minimum. The reservoir is sufficient to contain all the input Krypton between patient breaths provided the rate of air flow through the generator does no exceed 1 ltr/min.

The standard system is supplied in boxes of 50. Each box contains 10 thin bore delivery tubes. Also available are complete systems with a mouthpiece and nose-clip, or with a medium adult mask.


  • NP krypton circuit has a revolutionary approach to krypton gas delivery.
  • Shorter tubing contains all the input krypton necessary between patient breaths.
  • Single use.
  • Does not require a drip stand.

If the kits do not reflect your own preferences, accessories can be purchased separately and may be used with the standard circuit, model 8188.



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