The Amici disposable SealFlex™ and CushionSeal™ masks have human engineered natural contour to provide an excellent seal while promoting patient comfort and co-operation

The transparent material allows for unobstructed patient viewing. The natural contour and pleasant vanilla scent provide total patient comfort while allowing visibility of obstructions and patient co-operation.

All masks are available in time and space-saving convenience kits. One package per patient gives you everything you require. The new convenience kits featuring Extend-N-Bend™ (ENB) tubing are especially convenient. Just grasp the tubing end cuffs firmly around the connected fittings and stretch,gently, to the size you need (within the limits of the tubing).

The optional addition of the Luer Lock Direct Dose check valve, guarantees a 'no-leak administration' within the mask cavity.

NOTE: Standard Mask Kits are made with the adult-sized mask. If you require the large adult mask please specify this to our Sales team.



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