A new generation solid-state general-purpose Nuclear Medicine camera that features expanded utility and performance to a level that was not possible, until now.

The unit features a large field of view and delivers unsurpassed performance specifications for general imaging with intrinsic spatial resolution of 3.25 mm, energy resolution of 7.9% and count rate capabilities greater than 5 Mcps. The end result is superior image contrast and clarity for every patient study with a level of performance that is second to none.

The ERGO's innovative ergonomic system design introduces a level of positional flexibility that is unparalleled by any other system available, distinguished by a sleek patient-friendly open gantry, a portable base and multiple compound detector motions. It is an ideal solution for departments seeking to add or replace aged fixed or mobile cameras with a more versatile, higher-performance, state of the art solid-state camera for fixed or mobile imaging use.

ERGO applications include: Bone Spots, Lung, Liver, HIDA, Gastric Emptying, GI Bleed, Renal, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Brain Flow, MUGA, Breast (MBI), Gallium, Indium, 3 Phase Bone, Sentinel Node, Lymphoscintigraphy and Animal Studies.

Detector Technology Solid State, segmented Csl (Ti)/silicon photodiode
Crystal Thicness 0.24" / 6mm
Exterior Dimensions 16.6" x 15.1" x 4" / 421 x 284 x 102 mm
Useful FOV 15.6" x 12.2" / 396 x 311 mm
# of Solid State Detector Elements 11,520
Detector Element Size 3 x 3
Energy Range, keV 50 - 350
Standard Collimator LEAP
Optional Collimators Pinhole, LE diverging, MEAP, LEHR
Spectrum Analyzers 10 bit
Acquisition Matrix Variable (64 x 64, 128 x 128, 256 x 256, 512 x 512)
Count Rate, cps, @20% loss >75M
Persistence Scope 128 x 128
Display Color Depth True Color
Intrinsic Spatial Resolution 3.3 mm
Intrinsic Energy Resolution, FWHM, 140 keV 7.9%
Intrinsic Spatial Linearity 0.7 Integral
Extrinsic Flood Field Uniformity <1.5% Differential<2.0% Integral



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