The x•act is the world's first solid-state SPECT system that combines solid-state detectors, rapid imaging detector geometry, low dose volume CT attenuation correction approach, 3D-OSEM reconstruction and upright imaging.

The X•ACT is a fully integrated SPECT•VCT design, whose high-speed solid-state detectors  have the ability to collect both the emission and the CT transmission data, eliminating the need to move the patient between the E/T data collections. This provides greatly improved registration accuracy and efficiency over alternative in-line SPECT•VCT approaches.The 27"/69cm wide FOV low dose volume CT attenuation correction (AC) approach delivers 80 times more counts than isotopic techniques with 3.5 time less noise during a short, <1 minute scan, that encompasses approximately 10 - 15 respiratory cycles. The transmission images are free of truncation or beam hardening artifacts and the respiratory co-registration of the E/T data sets is excellent. To top it off, the radiation dose is just 5 µSv, nearly 100 to 1,000 times lower than other commercially available CT based AC approaches.The open design and wide orbit radius enables you to image claustrophobic, COPD and bariatric patients up to 227 kgs / 500 lbs. Since the diaphragm lowers when patients are imaged upright, you also get better separation of the heart from the liver and bowels, so artifacts from overlying activities are significantly reduced. The small size of the detectors mean a patient's arms do not have to be raised nearly as high, as with 'Anger' systems and it is possible to bring the detectors tight to the patient's chest, ensuring consistent high image quality results, for patients of any size. Patient motion is minimized by use of a saddle-like seat that provides passive resistance to sliding, and the use of Digirad's fully automated STASYS™ motion correction software - and of course, fast imaging.

  • X•ACT low dose VCT
  • 27" wide-beam VCT FOV
  • Fully integrated SPECT•VCT
  • Easy to operate and site
  • Modern solid-state HDSD™ detectors
  • Rapid imaging system geomtery
  • Open, upright system design



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