Manujet mobile shielded radioisotope injector

The Manujet mobile injector was developed to provide complete shielding for operators whilst being easy to integrate into nuclear medicine departments.

Adapted to the shielded loading cartridge fitted in the Easypet automatic hotcells, it provides continuity of shielding and facilitates the transfer and injection of radiopharmaceutical products into the patient.

Associated with a BPP30 type shield, it allows the operator to remain close to their patient.

Manujet mobile shielded radioisotope injector specifications


  • Overall dimensions: L 511 x D 618 x H 1533 mm
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Syringe volume: 10 mL
  • Weight of cartridge (incl. syringe shield): 2 kg

Radiation protection

  • Cylinder: 15 mm tungsten
  • Syringe shield: 9 mm tungsten


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