Wipe contamination monitor for α and β surface contamination

The PAB-3R wipe contamination controller measures α and β surface contamination of wipes in high gamma background environments, and compares it with the present radiological contamination thresholds.

If there is no wipe, it measures the ambient background and automatically adapts the measurement time to guarantee a constant measurement accuracy.

It is used for non-fixed contamination pre-controls with a large surface sampling, before statutory tests with the PAB-2 smear test controller.

PAB-3R wipe contamination monitor specifications:

Radiation Type α and β
Detector Type Sealed proportional counter.
Typical Contact Efficiency Co60: 14%; Am241: 6%
Useful Dimensions 163 x 163 mm2
Display Large dimension LCD screen with numerical values.
Unit cps, Bq, Bq/cm2
Compensation Ambient gamma monitoring and subtraction.
Communication RS232


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