Scatter Probe Solid-State Detector

7th December 2021

 The RTI Scatter Probe is a rugged, flat, solid-state detector for leakage and scatter detector in X-ray environments. The Scatter Probe has a unique design comprising of two separate detector areas of 10 and 100 cm², fulfilling regulations and standards for X-ray leakage and scatter measurements. 

Ocean Next™ Software 

The RTI Scatter Probe connects to RTI's Ocean Next™ software easily via a USB cable for reading and reporting. 

Industry standards for the barrier, leakage, and scatter measurements

The RTI Scatter Probe ensures full compliance with all industry standards as the measurement has to be made covering an area of 10 or 100 cm² at a certain distance. 

Easy positioning

The RTI Scatter Probe can be used with the included tripod, on a table, or by hand. The anti-slip surface allows safe positioning facing upwards without sliding. 


 RTI Scatter Probe 'how to' video guide

 Watch RTI's Scatter Probe 'how to' video to learn more about:

  • Initial Setup
  • Measuring scatter
  • Managing the Scatter Probe with a quick check