Cable free dental QA with a multi-functional meter from RTI

19th September 2018

RTI Piranha QA X-ray measurement system

With no cables and easy positioning, the Black Piranha is the clear choice for Dental Panoramic QA.

You can set yourself free in 5 easy steps with the Black Piranha, a self-contained, multi-functional X-ray QA meter.

 The 5 steps:
  1. Turn on the Piranha
  2. Mount the Piranha in the Panoramic Holder*
  3. Attach the Holder to the X-ray unit
  4. Make an X-ray exposure, use the unique fluorescent indicators on the Holder to aid correct alignment of the Piranha
  5. You’re now good to go and make cable free QA measurements
*No cables required; tangle free QA at its best..
View our full range of QA X-ray measurement systems, and Ffor more information on the Piranha please click the links below and don't hesitate to contact us.